LogiSense Chosen as the Monetization Engine for Eleven-x Nationwide IoT Network

LogiSense EngageIP Rating and Subscription Billing Solution

We recognized early in our planning the critical role monetization plays for IoT to truly create a sustainable ecosystem of devices, connectivity and applications.

LogiSense announced today that they have been selected by Canadian based eleven-x to deliver the monetization capabilities that will profoundly transform the way IoT enabled businesses drive revenues and establish profitable and long term customer relationships.

To better serve the growing demand for next generation connectivity in the Canadian market, eleven-x launched Canada’s first purpose built, and carrier-grade low power wide area network for the Internet of Things (IoT). This network, built on the LoRaWAN™ open global standard, offers private businesses, manufacturers and public institutions the necessary connectivity to gain valuable information from remote, inexpensive low power devices.

The selection of LogiSense follows eleven-x’s announcement of OrbiWise SA in January to supply the LoRaWAN™ Network Server (LNS) Solution for its announced nationwide Canadian LoRa™ Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) Network.

Partnering with LogiSense and OrbiWise allows eleven-x to focus their efforts on scaling…

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