Lock your car: Fredericton police say simple step would stop rise in theft – New Brunswick

Fredericton police are warning people to keep their valuables out of sight and lock their doors when leaving their vehicle unattended.

“The Fredericton Police Force would like to remind the public to please lock your doors and not leave any valuables inside,” said Sgt. Michael MacLean.

He said there has been a rise in thefts from vehicles in recent months. The Fredericton Police Force has seen 212 thefts reported since January. In 10 of those thefts, credit and debit cards were stolen and used.

Sgt. Michael MacLean put out a public warning about thefts from vehicles. (Pat Richard/CBC)

That prompted MacLean to put out a public warning about the thefts. He said many of these thefts are avoidable if people just lock their cars.

“The reports that we’re getting for the most part is a crime of opportunity, where the vehicle is left unattended and unlocked,” said MacLean.

“Police would ask the public to please be mindful to lock your vehicles at all times.”

MacLean said people should be keeping their valuables out of their vehicles as well, including electronics, purses and money.

“A given thief can look in a car, see a valuable item, and that sparks their interest,” said MacLean.

‘They strike at the opportunity’

Melissa Lunney had her car broken into on Tuesday night on Forest Hill Road. Her husband went to go to work on Wednesday, and found a door ajar, the registration on the floor of the car and all his change gone.

“Luckily we didn’t have a whole lot in the vehicle, because sometimes we have equipment and stuff in there,” said Lunney.

Lunney said they usually lock their car, but that night they didn’t.

“They strike at the opportunity,” said Lunney.

“It’s a little disconcerting to know that someone was in my driveway in the middle of the night and I didn’t notice.”

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