Library’s LGBT displays draw some ire — nearly two months later | News

LGBT displays at the Temple Public Library didn’t raise many eyebrows during a month-long public viewing in June.

The two displays, featured during a LGBT-themed book celebration, showcased educational items that same-sex parents often request for their children.

No one complained to the interim city manager. The library staff said they received a few comments, five positive and three negative.

The Temple library’s first-time participation in the American Library Association initiative — “a nationwide celebration of the authors and writings that reflect the lives and experiences of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community” — was generally uneventful.

Concerned Christian Citizens, a local group, is now criticizing the library for its June displays.

In an Aug. 5 post on Facebook, the group said the library crossed a line “by taking a position on this moral issue.”

“For reasons like this,” the post blared in capital letters, “we will be hosting an event in October to alert parents, churches and teachers to the advances of the LGBT agenda coming into our schools, and how we can make a difference for Christ and kids. Stay tuned for more details!”

Interim City Manager Brynn Myers said no one complained to City Hall about the library’s displays.

“The city manager’s office has not been previously contacted by anyone about this issue, and until I received (the Telegram’s) questions, I was unaware of this display,” Myers said in a statement.

Library Director Leigh Gardner said there’s a simple reason for the LGBT display: “The library is open to all in our community; our community is diverse and we do our best to maintain a diverse collection that meets the needs of our patrons.”

The library had two displays; the first, a month-long bulletin board display near an elevator. The second was a table…

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