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ATLANTIC CITY — The second floor of the Irish Pub, decorated like an elaborate Victorian parlor, was packed with members of the nonprofit Liberty and Prosperity group Sunday for its annual fund raiser.

“This is a little nicer than we’re used to,” joked the group’s Executive Director Seth Grossman. “We’re a bunch of deplorable people,” referring to the words used by Hillary Clinton to describe Donald Trump supporters.

Free bumper stickers were stacked around food tables, saying “No Toll Hikes!” and “Repudiate NJ’s Unconstitutional Debt!”

The group is named for the New Jersey State Motto, which is “Liberty and Prosperity,” said Grossman to the gathering of about 70 people.

It is an educational nonprofit, several attendees explained, dedicated to founding principles in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

“The Constitution is the basic foundation. Cut that anchor and we are adrift and lose our identity,” said Len Grossman, of Atlantic City, a physician who is no relation to Seth. “The further away you get the less liberty people in the country will have.”

He said the group educates about the nation’s founding principles and advocates for Legislatures to make laws, not judges.

Carlene Abbott, of Egg Harbor Township, said she has been a member for several years and it’s important to her for the government to control its borders and improve the economic situation so people can get jobs.

“We’re in economic dire straits here now,” she said of the Atlantic City region. “I’m more than thrilled that Trump has been elected, and I’m giving him all the space to prove what he is going to do. At this point it’s wait and see.”

Len Grossman and his wife Dora said they find Atlantic City government spending unsustainable, but they don’t think the state takeover is the…

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