Letters to the Editor, Oct. 3, 2017: Carrier was a man for all seasons | YOUR OPINION

Carrier was a man

for all seasons

I was privileged to serve on the James Madison University Board of Trustees from 1982 until 1990. During that time, Lucille and I became close personal friends with Edith and Ron Carrier. We spent many enjoyable hours with them during my eight years on the board, both at the president’s home and during the many trips we made to support school activities.

Carrier constantly amazed me with his seemingly effortless ability to move through a crowded room, shaking hands and hugging just about everyone. He made each person feel as if they were a good and valued friend. He was gracious and generous with his time anywhere and everywhere he and Edith went.

Walking across campus with Carrier took twice as long as it should have because students would cross the street and come from everywhere just to say hi to Uncle Ron. He loved it and they loved him.

Carrier was truly a man of the people. There is no question that he could have run for governor or the Senate and won easily, but he did not see that as his calling. He was first and foremost an innovative educator and an unparalleled manager of people. He deserves all the accolades and tributes — but he should be remembered best for his great character, his charisma, and most of all his salesmanship. Never at a loss for words, he would deflect criticism with humor and understanding and, in most cases, would make a new friend in the process.

Even though we did not see much of each other in the past 10 years, Carrier and I stayed in touch and when we did meet, he and Edith would always give us a big hug. Carrier truly was a man for all seasons.

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