Letters: There’s something wrong with these rights

I understand USC just sold the naming rights to the Coliseum to United Airlines. Does this mean that if a big school booster wants to see a sold-out game there, I would have to relinquish my seats?

Greg Nersesyan

North Hollywood


Name of UCLA’s stadium: “Rose Bowl, America’s Stadium.”

Name of USC’s stadium: “Embarrassment.”

United Airlines, really? If it’s just about money, why not the Tostitos Coliseum or Tax Slayer Stadium?

USC should not be sharing title billing with anyone, period.

Rob Raban

Huntington Beach


When you have to pay a “mandatory donation,” regarding USC season seats at the Coliseum, isn’t that akin to having to fork over a ransom?

Cal Teraoka

Huntington Beach

Lottery fever

I’m shocked !! Does anyone really think the NBA wants Lonzo Ball in Philadelphia rather than Los Angeles? Get serious!!

Bob Sands

La Habra


What if the Boston Celtics choose Lonzo Ball just so the Lakers cannot have him?

What if Boston trades him to a team that will not threaten the Celtics’ run for a championship?

What if the Celtics draft Ball and then trade him to the Lakers for their second overall pick and a player?

Gary N. Sakata



Dear Lakers: please don’t pick Sam Bowie.

Marcelo Barreiro

Manhattan Beach


I have two words for the Eastern Conference executive who anonymously stated that there was no way the Lakers were going to lose their pick: Chris Paul.

Rich Hard

Long Beach


There’s something to be said about a basketball team working hard and finishing the season trying to win games, like Luke Walton did with the Lakers, rather than purposely try to lose them. Had the team tanked like Phoenix did to improve their draft lottery chances, Los Angeles would have had the ping pong balls that the Suns had and would have ended up losing their pick to Philadelphia for the Steve Nash trade debacle. As it turned out, Phoenix got punished, ended up with the fourth pick, and now the…

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