Lessons From The Life Of Joseph” Is A Captivating Account Of A Broken Man Who Was Transformed Through God’s Love

“Overcoming Woundedness: Lessons From The Life of Joseph”: a captivating look into the life of Joseph, a wounded and broken man who was transformed by the love of God. “Overcoming Woundedness: Lessons From The Life of Joseph” is the creation of published author, Sally Meredith, a gifted speaker and teacher of ministry with an expertise in Old Testament studies.

“Joseph practically jumps from the pages of history into our modern-day world to teach us what human nature is like, both the struggles and the victories. We get to take a peek into the inner man, into the heart of Joseph. We get to see what God saw.”—Sally Meredith

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Sally Meredith’s new book emphasizes that everyone has been wounded. Some wounds recall childhood hurts; some are more recent. Wounds may be personal through family or close friends, or generated by workplace issues with a boss or coworker. No matter where the origination, woundedness is a human malady stemming from brokenness and leaving one questioning the very purpose of the hurts experienced.

The author takes the reader into one man’s journey of being wounded and how this story parallels today’s issues. Joseph was a man who experienced the depth of painful circumstances and went on to soar to unimagined heights. Through the study of Joseph’s life, it is evident that God was after this man’s heart, just as God is today. Where there is adversity, there is fear. But God desires to transform fear into faith. Even though hearts are wounded, God heals those wounds and reveals a magnificent love transcending all time.

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