Lenovo and MobileIron Form Global Partnership to Deliver Security and Management for Modern

The addition of MobileIron’s security and management platform rounds out Lenovo’s Modern Enterprise Computing Portfolio: a collection of offerings that provides modern computing, security, and infrastructure products. In October 2016, Lenovo introduced the Unified Workspace Cloud to provide employees with simplified access to their company’s complete portfolio of applications and content via single sign-on, on any device, anytime, anywhere. Later that month, the company launched its ThinkAgile portfolio to help customers transform their data centers with IT offerings that are appliance-centric, pre-validated, and pre-integrated. This gives customers quick implementation time for maximum value and agility in an easy-to-use solution. Now MobileIron Lenovo customers can choose cutting edge devices like the Yoga convertible and the MotoZ smartphone, deploy a customized workspace with the Unified Workspace Cloud, secure the endpoint with MobileIron, and modernize their data centers with ThinkAgile solutions.

“We’re finding innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs as they transition from legacy devices to new form factors. The introduction of Windows 10 allows customers to move to Cloud-based, agent-less provisioning of PCs for the enterprise,” said Jerry Paradise, Lenovo’s Executive Director of Global Enterprise PC and Think Business Management. “We’re working with MobileIron to give our enterprise customers a secure, agile platform as they build out and update their infrastructure.”

“Modern enterprise computing means moving to modern operating systems like Windows 10, Android, and iOS, and using enterprise mobility management (EMM) to secure all your devices from mobile to desktops,” said Barry Mainz, President and CEO, MobileIron. “As the market leader in PC sales, Lenovo is leading that transition on the hardware front and this partnership with MobileIron adds the critical security layer that companies need…

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