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I can understand completely. Earlier we spoke with Adam Payne, another witness to the shooting. I understand a. I’m sorry that a good friend of yours was shot. He was shot in the stomach. Is he okay? Yeah. Yeah, actually he — as far as what his family told me, he just came out of surgery. They removed the bullet, and he’s now in stable condition. Tell us, tell us about your experience. Well, me and my girlfriend, we were center stage about a hundred or a hundred feet back from the stage. Third song of the set. Everybody having a good time and singing and dancing, whatever is going on and the initial string of gunfire sounded like a small chain of like fireworks like firecrackers. There was maybe a ten-second pause between the first and second string. By the time the second string it got a little bit louder, a little bit deeper, and everyone started to run around. The performer even ran offstage, him and his band and started — Is that when you knew it was real? Yeah, kind of right then and there, everything hit the fan, and you realize it’s not just fireworks. Something has actually gone down. And how did you then — you were pretty close to the stage. How did you get out? It was kind of a mess. Everything happened with my friend actually was how I got out. When we turned around and we started running out towards the exit and I just happened to glance down at the right time and he was laying on his back so I stopped to help him and told my girlfriend just to keep on going, get out. I’ll find out when I get out and picked him up and him and I as I was carrying him out, everybody kind of got ahead of me. We just got really lucky that, you know, even that we were like some of the last people out. You actually carried him out? I carried him out as far as I could carry him until a paramedic came and took over for me. But in those first minutes and hours, you don’t know what to believe….

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