Lakers: the Nick Young Situation

Just a few hours before the trade deadline, Nick Young’ s future is more uncertain than ever.

Young’s season has been a surprise for everyone inside and outside the Lakers organization. At 31 years old he is shooting a career-high 41.3 percent from 3, per, and participated in his first Three-Point Contest. Unfortunately, he fell short in the first round, just a money ball away from tying second round qualifier Kemba Walker.

Swaggy P has been one of the most positive notes for the past half season.

Everyone expected him to be traded or released in the summer after the unsuccessful run with coach Byron Scott, but the arrival of Walton has revitalized not only the young players but also the veteran. Thanks to the emphasis on 3-point shooting, Swaggy 3 has been unleashed, thriving on the field as in his D’Antonian days and getting even praised by the coach for his defensive commitment.

This earned him the shooting guard starting spot as he revealed one of the most consistent players in Lakers uniform. Definitely one of the veterans that I would gladly see remaining as he has proven vital in Walton’s Warriors-inspired offense, acting as a Klay Thompson lessened version.

Unfortunately, his contractual situation is not helpful and his future remains uncertain.

Young is playing on a four-year, $21.5 million contract, which means slightly more than 5 million per year, with a player option on the fourth one. A very cheap contract compared with the…

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