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With over two decades of work on their side, Kyau and Albert are names that every trance fan is familiar with. As their release their 5th studio album, Matching stories and also happen to complete 20 years with their record label Euphonic, we sit down with them and discuss everything from music to tours and plans ahead.

1) Hi! Firstly, congratulations on the release of Matching Stories! It’s you fifth studio album! How does it feel having released it?

Ralph Kyau: Really happy that the album is out. It was a lot of work and also hard choice to select the tracks for the final album. We did much more demos as we finally took on the album. Don’t know exact number but guess we made almost 50 demos over 1.5 years.

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Posted by Kyau & Albert on Friday, July 21, 2017

2) What was the idea behind naming the album Matching Stories?

Steven Albert: We had a couple of name ideas for the album and Matching Stories pretty much tells what we mean with choosing the final 14 tracks from so many tracks we produced for the album.

3) How have your fans responded to the album until now? Has it matched your expectations?

Ralph Kyau: We’re excited about the response from our fans about the album, especially about the German vocal tracks like ‘Mein Herz’.

Steven Albert: It is the first time that I sing in my mother tongue. There are 2 tracks and all of my German friends love it. Not sure if it is for our fans who don’t speak German, but I haven’t heard any negative feedback. We have all lyrics in the CD booklet, so people can read and learn some German, haha.


4) We see you experimenting and being open to do a lot more vocal collaborations in this album. How did it all happen?

Ralph Kyau: Our plan was to make the album diverse with female vocalists while listening and set a contrast to Steven’s male voice. We wanted to have some female…

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