Krupp Kommunications Announces New Best-Selling Wall Street Journal Book By Entrepreneurs, David Osborn And Paul Morris, Wealth Can’t Wait

Wealth is something everyone wants to acquire, but many don’t know where to start,” says Heidi Krupp, founder and CEO of Krupp Kommunications.

Krupp Kommunications is pleased to announce WEALTH CAN’T WAIT has landed on The Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list. Authored by entrepreneurs and highly successful real-estate broker-owners, David Osborn and Paul Morris, the book shares trusted methods to take on a wealth mindset and develop wealth-building life strategies.

David Osborne Operating Partner Keller Williams and the Managing Partner Align Capital serves as partner in the #6 (out of 80,000) real estate company in the country, Keller Williams. Paul Morris CEO of a REAL Trends the top 50 brokerage company in America and the regional director of the second largest Keller Williams franchise.

Wealth-building takes knowledge and skills, discipline and work, which readers can learn through this new book developed with Osborne and Morris’ unique perspectives.

“It doesn’t have to be ‘hard’ work. It’s play. By practicing what we offer in this book, you will learn to thrive and create the life you desire,” says Osborn.

After the death of Osborn’s father, he decided to write a book to keep his legacy alive and leave his own for his own children. As Morris always had a similar desire to write a book, the two business partners joined together to write WEALTH CAN’T WAIT, to share all they’ve learned and experienced to help others gain the opportunity to build a wealthy life.

“WEALTH CAN’T WAIT is not a get-rich-quick formula,” says Morris. “This is a book with life strategies that are accessible and doable for all. It’s a set of proven principles and mind-set practices that distinguish all wealthy people.”

Packed with concrete action steps, valuable “wealth accelerator” tips, and real-world lessons from the authors’ own experiences, WEALTH CAN’T WAIT presents a comprehensive, strategic wealth-building plan for a lifetime of gains—financial and personal.

“Wealth is something everyone wants to acquire, but many don’t know where to start,” says Heidi Krupp, founder and CEO of Krupp Kommunications. “David and Paul’s approach is to start on the initial business targets traditionally fueling financial wealth. K2 has worked with many financial experts and authors so we’re excited to work with these two new authors to share a unique and different perspective that they personally benefited from and want to share with others.”

Inspiring and refreshing, WEALTH CAN’T WAIT is a guide to not just build wealth but to achieve a full and deeply enriched life.    

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