Klabin Picks PENETRON for Concrete Durability

Taking shape: Klabin’s new Puma paper mill used PENETRON ADMIX for the foundation slab and retaining walls of the basement floors; PENEBAR SW-45 waterstop sealed all construction joints.

PENETRON’s crystalline technology keeps water from penetrating into the concrete matrix even under high hydrostatic pressure, and it also provides protection against corrosion and chemical attacks.

The October 2017 roll-out of Klabin’s newest wood pulp plant in Ortigueria (Paraná), Brazil, effectively doubles the company’s production capacity in one stroke. PENETRON ADMIX was used to ensure a durable and waterproof basement structure.

The largest paper manufacturer in Brazil, Klabin is now also the only company in Brazil to simultaneously offer hardwood (eucalyptus), softwood (pine), and fluff pulps – thanks to the new Puma facility in Ortigueria. The new Puma facility uses state-of-the-art environmental technology to maximize efficient use of the wood. This unit also generates around 270 MW of electricity, with a surplus of 150 MW – enough to supply a city of 500,000 inhabitants, which brings Klabin closer to self-sufficiency in electric energy.

“Faced with a relatively high water table at the construction site, the PENETRON Brazil team provided the builder, Construtora Tucumã, with a durable solution for the underground structures,” explains Cláudio Neves Ourives, Executive Director of PENETRON Brazil. “Given the depth of the foundation, a solution was needed to secure the concrete structure, especially with the hydrostatic pressure evident at the site.”

The PENETRON Brazil team provided a solution, based on the formation of a crystalline network throughout the pores and capillary…

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