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VARNELL — It was roughly two months before Caleb Bagley was hired as the new head football coach at Coahulla Creek High School when one of his future players left an indelible impression on him.

Last season as an assistant with the North Murray Mountaineers, Bagley had a front row seat on the sideline when he watched Coahulla Creek defensive back Michael King intercept a pass and take it 77 yards for a touchdown.

Fast forward to today, and Bagley is glad he’s sharing a sideline with King.

“Michael’s a kid, I really think No. 1, he just enjoys playing football,” Bagley said. “He’s always got a smile on this face, even out on the field when things get rough. He’s talking, he’s bringing guys along with him.”

One of King’s qualities most impressive qualities is his intensity, Bagley said.

“He’s got some emotion to him,” Bagley said. “When he makes a good play it means something to him. Michael, he’s got some fire in him. I think he’s an emotional player. With us being as young as we are, we need more of that. Sometimes young guys are afraid to vocalize how they feel. Michael’s done a good job of that for us.”

King, a junior returning starter at Coahulla Creek, recognizes he holds much value in the program.

“I think I have an important role, just like everybody else. We’ve got a lot of key players. My role is one that’s important,” he said.

Actually, he has roughly four important roles.

“I think I’m an all-around athlete,” King said. “I’m working at kicker and running back and wide receiver and corner. I think I’m needed in a lot of different places and I’m there for them.

“I think I was in a lot of places last year, but I’m in a lot more places this year, doing a lot more different things but I’m looking forward to it.”

Bagley said King is one of the…

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