Kennesaw State University freshmen move into their new on-campus homes | News

A favorite comforter, a beloved computer and a borrowed mini-fridge. Textbooks, hockey sticks and pictures to remind you of home.

It’s the time of year when college students pack their belongings into boxes, hug mom and dad goodbye and move into a dorm for the first time.

“It’s interesting, knowing that I won’t be living with my parents and I’m going to be on my own,” said Charles Featherstone as he unpacked his computer in his Kennesaw State University dorm room on the Marietta campus. “That’s an interesting feeling and thought.”

Featherstone is one of KSU’s 3,500 first-year students who were scheduled to move onto campus Saturday. Soon the young man from Decatur will be studying mechatronics, a field which incorporates mechanical engineering, computer science and electrical engineering.

His dad, also named Charles Featherstone, said he could not be more proud of his son.

“He’s the first one,” the older Featherstone said. “I’m proud of him. It’s awesome. He’s the first one on my side of the family (to go to college). … Hopefully he can go out there and have his experiences, make a few mistakes and learn from them, keep moving.”

The electrician from Atlanta said it’s hard to say goodbye, but he knows his son is ready.

“I taught him to be an adult, so he knows how to handle it. … Just as he has his anxiety, I have mine, but he knows how to handle himself, and I have to respect that. Dad’s right around the corner, Dad’s just a phone call away, Dad’s on the internet. If he needs anything, he knows he can get it. … The best thing I can do is support him.”

Formerly the home of Southern Polytechnic State University, KSU’s Marietta campus houses many future scientists and engineers.

One of Featherstone’s neighbors, Jacques Crawford, comes from a family full of engineers and…

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