Keep The Winter At Bay With Woodburning Stoves

The winter months in cold countries are hard to get by without the help of a heating source in your homes.  In earlier times, the fireplace was the only source of heat generation in a room.  The richer the home, the greater the number of fireplaces to keep it warm.  These fireplaces required a large quantity of wood to keep it burning all the time.  It also needed people who were devoted to tending the fireplaces and keeping it clean at all times.  Since a woodburning stove was a necessity in a home, great effort was made to create fancy fireplaces to add to the aesthetic look of a home.

Woodburning Stoves Through The Ages

Fireplaces in earlier times were not really efficient.  There was wastage of wood used and people really did not think much about fuel conservation. Woodburning stoves were also not always safe and would lead to accidents where sometimes the home itself would burn up.  These woodburning stoves were not efficiently constructed either and there used to be a lot of smoke pollution.  The modern day version of the woodburning stove has succeeded in getting rid of all the inefficiencies that plagued the earlier versions.  The scarcity of oil and the rising prices of oil also contributed to the creation of more efficient woodburning stoves.

Woodburning Stoves Today

The modern woodburning stoves use a combination of cast iron, steel and aluminium as part of its framework.  Since it is airtight and use linings of firebrick, it helps to retain most of the heat generated within the walls of the home.  Most of them are created to be environment friendly to meet stringent government norms.  The chimney to which the woodburning stove is attached has to be constructed scientifically so that the fumes go outside into the cooler atmosphere.  A lot of emphasis is being laid on clean burning and longer burning so there is less use of natural resources.  The modern woodburning stoves are also easy to clean and follow strict safety rules to prevent any…

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