Karim Baratov, alleged Yahoo hacker, will bypass extradition hearing and go to U.S. to fight charges – Hamilton

​Karim Baratov, the 22-year-old charged in connection with an American probe into a Yahoo hacking operation, will forgo an extradition hearing scheduled for this fall, electing to head straight to the U.S to face the charges, his lawyer told CBC News on Friday.

Baratov will either waive his right as a Canadian to an extradition hearing entirely, or he’ll consent to being extradited. Either path eliminates the need for the hearing and speeds up his opportunity to address the charges, lawyer Amedeo DiCarlo said.

“He can’t wait to change scenery,” he said.

U.S. authorities allege Baratov, from suburban Ancaster, Ont., was a “hacker for hire” with Russian ties. But Canada would have to surrender Baratov to the U.S. for him to face charges there.

Baratov just wants to go deal with the charges in the U.S. as quickly as possible, DiCarlo said.

Amedeo DiCarlo, lawyer for Baratov, said Friday he is meeting with U.S. legal counterparts this weekend. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

“Go there, finish it there, let’s get some lawyers and let’s move on with this,” DiCarlo said. “Keeping him here, I think, is just going to waste more time.”

Moving forward to the U.S.

Though both paths lead to dealing with the charges he faces directly with American authorities, DiCarlo wasn’t sure on Friday which one he’ll choose. There would be different outcomes for each option.

He plans to detail his plan in front of a judge in Hamilton court on Aug. 18.

‘Keeping him here, I think, is just going to waste more time.’
– Amedeo DiCarlo, lawyer for Karim Baratov

Waiving the extradition — essentially turning himself in to American authorities — could open Baratov to any additional charges the U.S. decides to bring, DiCarlo said.

Consenting to the extradition would still give Canada’s justice minister up to 90 days to sign off on transferring Baratov to the U.S. But despite that potential delay, consenting would send Baratov…

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