Juilliard will now offer free online courses

Who would have thought that one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the world would now be offering part of its curriculum for free online? That is exactly what the Juilliard School is offering with their new JuilliardX program. In a collaboration with the popular online education service edX, Juilliard will now offer six different classes that are open to the public without having to be accepted through their notoriously competitive audition process. What would Miles Davis think if he were alive today?  

According to a press release from Juilliard President Joseph W. Polisi, this partnership was a logical no-brainer. “We at Juilliard believe that the development of artists at all levels and ages is an essential part of our responsibility within a global society” he said adding, “we are proud to collaborate with edX to present these online courses that share the discipline, intricacy, and subtlety of music-making straight from our world-class faculty. These courses are designed with an immersive experience in mind and will allow the learner to expand their artistic horizons using Juilliard’s educational expertise.”

Unsurprisingly, these classes don’t seem like they will be “easy A’s”. The six online courses for JulliardX are “Discovering the Instruments of the Orchestra”, “Perform at Your Best: Foundations of Performance Psychology”, “Piano Preludes”, “How to Listen to Great Music for Orchestra”, “Music Theory 101”, and “Sharpen Your Piano Artistry”. We spoke with Juilliard’s managing director of operations, Courtney Blackwell Burton, to see why a school of such prestige would be willing to give away the goods for free while maintaining the highest quality possible. 

“We were looking for a way to expand the reach and the impact of our school… without changing our on-campus curriculum,” says Burton. She describes these courses as “beginner and intermediate level courses that people around the world can…

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