Jami Kay Owens’s Newly Released “Alibis 101” Is A Suspense-Filled Story About The Police Investigation Into A Missing Man, Colleagues And Subordinates Despise

“Alibis 101”: a provocative crime fiction that looks into the quest of the police to delve into the truth behind a missing man, including past heated exchanges between him and those people who don’t want to deal with him. “Alibis 101” is the creation of published author, Jami Kay Owens, an active writer and bibliophile.

Owens shares, “‘The kind of person who sees you as a prize and at the moment thinks that you’re not very grateful for all the work he thinks he has done for you. You have said that Mr. Norr was a thorn in your side. No more thorn. Mr. Jones was a problem attached to your department. No more problem.’ Will stopped to make sure she was still with him. ‘And yet you do not seem appreciative. Our concern is that his behavior may escalate so that he does actually hurt someone to get your approval and attention. And we’re afraid that someone will be you or possibly your husband.’”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Jami Kay Owens’s well-written story makes the readers feel a striking and exciting buildup of suspense as the rumors of a missing principal’s fate produced by people around him get pieced together to form a bigger picture of truth.

Alibis, excuses, and rumors—these are tangled and mixed as Detective Rogers tries with dogged determination to find the truth and root of all the hatred against a principal whose absence has not been reported by those working on his campus. Questionable events also begin to transpire upon every discovery.

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Consumers can purchase “Alibis 101” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.

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