Ivy League Black Students Group: There Are Too Many African And Caribbean Students Here

Identity politics is a nasty thing. Everyone who isn’t a progressive knows this. At Cornell University, that slice of politics is rearing its ugly head, with the school’s black students group demanding that more African American students be enrolled. They’re concerned that there are too many Caribbean and African students. To start, their letter to the administration prefaces with the usual ‘there’s white supremacy everywhere’ angle.

We   attend a university where our peers believe we do not belong here; where   they decry the usefulness   andnecessity of affirmative action; where they claim we segregate ourselves because we lean one each other to survive. We attend a university  that is  obsessed with the optics of our black and brownfaces but is indifferent to the justice we seek.This is not an indictment of white people; thisis an indictment of a system that   perpetuates white supremacy and shelters our peers under the   warm   blanket of whiteprivilege- allthe while,  we  are left  to freeze  in our  frigid  reality of  racist  epithets, essentialist curriculum,  and apathetic  governance.  In post-racial   America, our   classmates call  us  n***ers from  their  pickup trucks  in broad   daylight.  In post-racial   America, weare   berated   by airborne   bottles   onour   own   campus.In   post-racial America, we   aretold we have a chip on our shoulder.   Weare   called   everythingbut  our  name. Above all else, in   post-racial America we are bombarded by the deafening silence  that allows the centuries-old hum of  white supremacy to grow louder. Silence is violence.

The Interfraternity Council and  Panhellenic Council both present a system that not only excludespeople of color,   but exudes white supremacy. The verbal and physical assault of a young black student, committed by members   of the Chi Chapter of Psi Upsiloncannot   go unpunished and the Cornell   administration  can no longer…

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