It’s official: You can’t take the Seahawks’ Richard Sherman seriously anymore

If Sherman can’t acknowledge something undeniable, is he credible on other subjects?

This story should be dead, but Richard Sherman refuses to let that happen. He has breathed new life into it with flabbergasting stubbornness and pride.

Two months ago, he and local radio host Jim Moore had a testy exchange that ended with Sherman threatening to end Moore’s career. Well, at least that’s what happened according to tape recorders and just about every Seahawks reporter in town.

But now the Seattle cornerback seems to be questioning the reality of an indisputable occurrence. In an interview that ran Monday morning, ESPN’s Cari Champion asked Sherman if he regretted what he said to Moore. His response?

“No, because nobody ever knew what I said. Once again, sources say. Who was there? Did anybody see it? Who was there? Who said it?”

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So it was not correct? followed Champion.

“Nobody knows,” Sherman replied. “Nobody knows what was correct. All you hear is he say she say.”

I’m sorry, but this is insane. This isn’t Sherman embellishing the truth or downplaying a mistake — this is Sherman questioning whether a documented event ever took place at all.

I mean … there’s audio of this thing! The “sources” Sherman questions are the iPhones that recorded it. We played the exchange on our website the day it happened, which went as follows.

Sherman, while walking down from the podium: “You don’t want to go there. You do not. I’ll ruin your career.”

Moore: “You’ll ruin my career? How are you going to do that?

Sherman: “I’ll make sure you don’t get your media pass anymore.

Moore: “Is that right?”

Sherman: “Yes. Yes it is.”

What makes all of this even crazier is that Sherman took to Twitter later that day and expressed regret over making it “personal” with Moore. He could have repeated that sentiment on ESPN — or even…

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