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It has been reported that a car has crashed into a police van before bursting into flames in Paris.

The incident took place on the popular tourist spot, the Champs Élysées – a spot thousands of tourists from across the world visit daily. 

The driver, 31, reportedly had a weapon inside the vehicle although he was unconscious when the police removed him from the car. He has now been confimed as dead. 

The situation is under control but it raises further fears regarding the safety of the French capital.

Earlier this month an attack on Notre Dame caused thousands of tourists to be trapped in the cathedral, although no civilians were hurt.

The national police Twitter account for France tweeted earlier that there was an: “Ongoing police operation” and warning people to respect the police and the security operation.

Interior Minister Gérard Collomb also tweeted it was an: “Attack aimed at our security forces.”

The UK website states that terrorists are “very likely” to try to carry out attacks in France – although this attack has not been named as a terrorist incident. 

The terror threat has been at the same level since the Paris attacks last year.

It also states the French government has extended the national state of emergency until 15 July 2017.

The high number of attacks in France over the recent years has raised concerns regarding the safety of the country.

In 2015, terrorist attacks killed over 130 people across the centre of Paris. 

Another terrorist attack in 2016 also took place in France after 84 people were killed after a truck drove through Nice.

It follows on from the recent knife attack inside the Louvre earlier this year which injured a French soldier.

Travel implications for tourists

Flights and trains remain unaffected to and from the country and there are no new reports of any cancellations or restrictions as of yet.

Frank Brehany, Consumer Director of HolidayTravelWatch, told earlier this month after an incident in the Notre Dame:…

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