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Since starting at Bellevue University this term, junior Jason (Yijie) Wu has noticed three distinct differences between here and his home in China.

For starters, the food is more fattening, and the people and weather are nicer, he said.

A few weeks into the school year, Wu, 19, said he’s been settling in well. He’s here through BU’s partnership with Guangzhou College of Commerce, implemented five years ago. He’s studying to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

BU hosts about 100 Chinese students each year.

Wu knew he wanted to study abroad to have new experiences and learn about commerce from another country’s perspective.

“I believe that I can learn something new that I can’t learn in China,” Wu said. “Maybe they got new knowledge for me.”

Right now he’s taking supply and chain management, American culture and business English.

Though well-versed in English, Wu finds he’s still lacking some vocabulary. He gets by in everyday life fine, but in class it gets harder, Wu said, with all of his professors speaking in English.

“Compared with the courses in China, I should pay 100 percent of my attention in class, but maybe back in China I can relax,” Wu said. “If just you lose your mind for maybe a second, you won’t understand what the professor’s saying.”

Despite most of his classmates being from China, he speaks to them, too, in English as is required by professors.

“It’s easy for us to speak in Chinese and communicate, but here we’re in America, so we should practice our English,” Wu said.

BU staff is always willing to help him with whatever he needs, he said.

“They’re very friendly, and outside of school everyone is friendly, too,” Wu said. “Here, when you walk in the streets, everyone will say ‘hello’ to you, even a stranger that…

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