Inter boring level to Rome, two handsome no clear winner Yong

Round match, AC Milan away to Naples. Milan, Ibrahimovic, Boateng, Gattuso out injured seven people, the outlook is not optimistic. William Hill odds out also corroborated this view, the odds of winning Milan, 2.65, 2.53 higher than the odds of winning Naples. Sure, Milan, although Aquilani scored first, but Cavani will then complete a hat-trick Milan defeated. The campaign over, Milan, 1 loss, two loss of five goals, Serie A No. 17 ranking.

Objectively speaking, seven players missed the defeat in Milan is indeed a reason, but as the defending champion Inter Milan was given away by his opponent did not play a little temper, the team itself, naturally there are many problems. The first is the midfield hardness, once Boateng, Gattuso is not, Milan midfield opponents off the hook too easily, how to become a good rotation Allegri things must be addressed. Second is the front line in the doldrums, and just blitz Barcelona in the Champions League Pato, campaign disappeared. Pato such an unstable state if the old, three-wire triumph in Milan want is too rare.

Inter boring level to Rome, two handsome no clear winner Yong

Inter Milan vs. Roma match is a war of salvation, whether it is commonplace for Gasperini, Enrique are still immature need a victory to secure their own dump. But the game, but both end up with a boring 0-0. Inter campaign well positioned, but did not create any threat. As for Rome, the face of a flawed Inter’s defense is not even a ball into, hard to say who is more slump.

The game, Gasperini and Enrique is also a major part of the battle of wits, because the world wants to know, the two-game losing streak of coach Lien Chan in the end who is more worse. Unfortunately, both of which command a confusing myriad of games 0-0 score, abnormal boring scenes, which is a kind of fans who simply destroyed. The same was also upset Inter Milan and Rome club level, 1 1 loss start to the league, the new coach did not bring any hope.

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