Intelestream Launches RingCentral for SugarCRM

Getting CRM right is challenging. Intelestream leads you to success

CRM implementation firm Intelestream today announced its newly built integration for RingCentral and SugarCRM customers. This integration enables RingCentral customers to launch calls directly from their SugarCRM account. In addition, the integration provides instant recognition of inbound numbers associated with existing records, streamlining workflow and driving greater business efficiency.

With the integration, existing SugarCRM and RingCentral customers can dramatically reduce call times and eliminate misdials. SugarCRM’s powerful reporting tools can be applied to RingCentral call data, providing managers and analysts with a new window into employee performance.

As a cloud-based solution, the integration requires no additional hardware or software for existing RingCentral customers. Rather, users simply need an internet connection and a modern web browser. RingCentral for SugarCRM is currently available on SugarExchange and RingCentral’s App Gallery.

“Every sales workflow can benefit from a streamlined process,” says Mark Weitzel, Senior Director of WW ISV Alliances at SugarCRM. “By creating a seamless connection between RingCentral and SugarCRM, this integration makes both solutions far more efficient in a real-world sales setting. It’s a simple improvement, but it adds substantial value for our users.”

To learn more about RingCentral for SugarCRM, visit the product page on SugarExchange, or contact Ray Stoeckicht, Director of Business Development at Intelestream, at (800) 391-4055 or sales(at)

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