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TRAVERSE CITY — Holistic medicine is up for debate in human patients. While some claim herbal medicines, acupuncture and other traditional therapies have the power to relieve pain and cure ailments, others lump holistic treatments in with aura cleansing and hypnotherapy — as a pseudoscience.

But when a problem surfaced with Blackjack the miniature poodle’s paw, Grand Traverse Kennel Club member Cindy Haines turned to laser treatments, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, and veterinary orthopedic manipulation, a kind of chiropractic alignment for pets.

“Blackjack was the most problematic. There were a lot of things a regular vet could not fix,” said Haines. He faced a multiple ailments, including the problem with his paw. The past injury, though medically healed, continued to cause the dog stress and pain. So Haines brought her dog to Dr. Albert Lynch.

The slew of Blackjack’s problems that were not fixed by Western veterinarians were resolved over 48 hours using Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic treatments, Haines said.

He is a well-known vet in the community, especially for pet parents looking for a more integrated medical approach. The long-practicing veterinarian also holds memberships to alternative medicine organizations like American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and and International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. He began integrating holistic treatments at his own practice in 2003.

I was looking for ways to help my own health and decided to pass it on to my patients,” said Lynch. “Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about trying to get the body to heal itself.”

He returned from a five year retirement in 2012 to practice at Companion Animal Hospital.

“I missed helping animals who couldn’t get treatment from western medicine,” Lynch said.

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