Installation and Use Notice about the Reaction Kettle

1. The high-pressure autoclave should really be installed inside and when some sets are arranged, they should really be placed separately. In every single operation room, an exit leading to the outdoor or the passage should really be built as well as the equipment place should really be properly ventilated.  

2. When the cover is fixed, it must be avoided to make the seal surfaces between the body as well as the cover collide with one another. Put the cover on the fixed position of the body carefully first and then screw tight of the primary nut. Be careful that it should really be screw tight symmetrically by its opposite angles for many times as well as the force should really be implied evenly. The cover can’t be inclined one side so as to achieve the better seal effect.  

3. When the needle valve system is used to seal, turn the needle gently can press the surface tight to achieve the better seal effect.  

4. Turn the rotation object on reaction kettle with your hand to check if it works easily.  

5. The controller should really be laid flat on the console. The working temperature should really between 10 to 40 degrees centigrade as well as the relative humidity should really be smaller than 85%. The medium around can’t contain any electric dust or corrosive air.  

6. Check if the movable part along with the fixed joint on the board as well as the backboard are normal. Pull away the upper cover to check if the connecting and plugging parts are fixed or if any…

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