Inside a modern industrial loft in Kensington’s Milk Depot building

Our House Calls feature takes you into homes with great style, big personality, and ineffable soul. Today, we look at the Kensington condo of Dan DeSalvo, a construction manager who has brought his love of light, plants, and antiques into an industrial loft in the Milk Depot building.

Ask any resident of Kensington to illustrate the the neighborhood skyline, and no doubt an oversized milk bottle water tower will be included in the description. The rusted relic stands tall on top of a building’s rooftop as a reminder of what once was: The oldest structure among a collection of properties for Harbison’s Dairy that was built in the late 1890s and early 1900s. Today, the once-abandoned warehouse is now a 13-unit condominium called the Milk Depot Building.

It’s a rarity for Milk Depot units to come on the market. So when Dan DeSalvo’s realtor friend Paul Gallagher gave him the heads up that a 1-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit was up for grabs in September 2016, DeSalvo wasted no time putting in an offer.

“I used to have a pretty great loft in Callowhill before, but condos in this building rarely come on the market,” DeSalvo said. “So when it became available on a Tuesday, I had it under agreement by Thursday.”

Top left: The foyer of the loft features a radio that was given to him when his boss retired. Top right: DeSalvo hung plants and relics from the ceiling in his living room as a form of wall art.

In the few months since DeSalvo has moved in, he’s managed to fill the 1,430-square-foot industrial space with a mix of plants, modern furniture, and unusual antiques. But he’ll be the first to admit that his home’s style is hard to define or pin down.

“I think it’s modern and industrial,” DeSalvo said. He paused, then continued, “It’s really a hodge-podge of things though. I knew if I tried to make it too industrial, it would start to look hokey. So I started to get some modern stuff and add some color.”

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