Innovative Water Purification System for Space Exploration Wins Commercialization Award

Pancopia, Inc. has been awarded an Excellence in Technology Transfer Project of the Year 2017 award from the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) for the development of a next-generation water purification system for NASA’s use on the International Space Station and future Mars missions. Pancopia was a co-recipient of the FLC commercialization award with USDA, which has been a partner in the development, patenting, and licensing of two sets of organisms used in this innovative technology.

NASA has invested in the development of this technology through a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract. Collaborating with NASA and the USDA, Pancopia has developed a process that incorporates current wastewater treatment technology with recently discovered, patented organisms and processes to remove the major wastewater pollutants—organic carbon and nitrogen—at a far lower cost than any current treatments. Pancopia is also developing similar technology for use in the $100 Billion plus municipal and agricultural wastewater market.

Bill Cumbie, Pancopia’s CEO and founder, noted “Our company is honored to receive this award with USDA, and truly could not have done it without NASA’s support and funding for our research”.

The FLC is a federal network of over 300 agencies, laboratories, and research centers across the United States that focuses on commercialization strategies for accelerating the movement of technologies from research to the marketplace. For more about the FLC, please visit

Pancopia, Inc. is based at the Reaktor Business Technology Innovation Center in the National Institute of Aerospace, located in Hampton, Virginia. It has received grants from the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) to assist in its development of its technology and two…

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