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Indigenous business is at the forefront of change and innovation in Australia. Indigenous vision and entrepreneurship give our people the power to enrich our culture for ourselves and share it with the world.

Over the years we have had countless black performers travel across the world to show their dances, body paintings, language and culture. We have Indigenous people sharing their innovations, ideas, thoughts and success.
Our Indigenous business entrepreneurs are leading the charge to make Australia a powerful economy, whether it be an uncle selling his paintings or the CEO of a much larger enterprise.

Trade and tourism for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture is now a big proponent in Australia. This brings many international markets to our doorstep. Partnerships are being formed across the world: New Zealand, Canada, the USA and other countries are coming together for Indigenous business. I have the great privilege to be a part of one of these partnerships.

During the first week of October, the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association Canada International Conference is held in Vancouver. This year the conference is titled “Building sustainable communities by strengthening international networks”. I am attending with an Indigenous delegation from many first nations across Australia.

During the conference we will participate in workshops about the relationships between business and Indigenous communities, with the goal to achieve an international sustainable community to meet the needs of current and future problems facing Indigenous people. We are seeking to create a network between Indigenous communities from across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and other countries to share our experiences from our respective cultures and to learn from each other. In previous conferences, we have made progressive changes to ensure that education in business is as accessible as possible and is relevant to Indigenous communities. The conference engages…

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