IN Focus: Sen. Young discusses President’s tax reform plan

INDIANAPOLIS – President Donald Trump delivered a speech in Indianapolis on Wednesday touting the GOP’s plan for tax reform.

The invite-only event at the Indiana State Fairgrounds included Hoosier workers, business owners and farmers as the president unveiled new proposed tax rates.

President Trump called the plan a “once in a generation” opportunity to cut taxes. He said his tax plan will “bring back the jobs and the wealth that have left our country.”

The cuts aim to help the middle class and would eliminate loopholes that benefit the wealthy.


The president said his plan would allow “the vast majority of families to be able to file their taxes on a single sheet of paper.”

The plan also includes a proposal to tax business income at 20 percent, including sole proprietors whose business income is taxed at individual rates up to 39.6 percent.

“In Indiana you have seen firsthand that cutting taxes on businesses makes your state more competitive and leads to higher wages and bigger paychecks for your workers. Now we want to do the same thing for America,” he said.

Four Indiana lawmakers traveled with the president on Air Force One Wednesday: Republican Representatives Susan Brooks and Jackie Walorski, Republican Sen. Todd Young and Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly.

In the video above, Young discusses the President’s priorities on tax reform in an interview taped Wednesday before he boarded Air Force One with President Trump.

“I do anticipate supporting this,” said Young. “I think this will stimulate the economy and create an environment where more jobs can be created.”

With Young’s support likely, the White House is turning its attention to moderate Democrats up for re-election, like Donnelly, to help build support for tax reform.

The president said with a smile if Donnelly doesn’t support the plan, “we will come here and we will campaign against him like you wouldn’t…

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