'I had your job once': Blade Runner 2049 teaser trailer pits Harrison Ford vs. Ryan Gosling

Okay Villeneuve: you got me. Ryan Gosling. Harrison Ford. Another dust-covered, dystopian future with strains of Vangelis echoing in the background?

Yes, please.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the challenge before Denis Villeneuve, the Canadian filmmaker behind Arrival, Prisoners and Incendies. Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner isn’t just a fan favourite, it’s a film that defined a movie genre. Like Metropolis or Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, what Scott presented back in 1982 changed how we envision the future. 

When a sequel to Blade Runner was first announced, I was horrified. What’s next: a sequel to Spartacus? Don’t some films deserve to stand on their own?

But the first glimpse of Blade Runner 2049 indicates Villeneuve is paying tribute while also offering a distinctive vision of his own.

In the teaser trailer, Rick Deckard, the…

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