How to use System Preferences in macOS Sierra (and Mac OS X) – How to

Sometimes to do what you need to do on your Mac will require accessing System Preferences. Those new to the Mac may be wondering “What is System Preferences on the Mac and where can I find it?” Others may be unaware of what System Preferences makes possible and how easy it is to make tweaks and changes to the way your Mac is set up.

We aim to cover the whole of macOS/Mac OS X System Preferences in this article (now comprehensively updated to include the new features in macOS Sierra). You can find the following:

Page 1: What is System Preferences, General, Screensaver, Dock, Mission Control, Languages, Security, Spotlight and Notifications

  • How to find System Preferences on a Mac
  • How to customise System Preferences
  • What you can do with General in System Preferences
  • How to change Desktop & Screen Saver
  • How to change the Dock using System Preferences
  • Using Mission Control in System Preferences
  • Languages and Regions in System Preferences
  • Security and Privacy in System Preferences
  • Configuring Spotlight in macOS Sierra
  • Changing Notifications settings in macOS Sierra

Page 2: Displays, Energy Saver, keyboard, mouse, trackpad, printers and sound

  • Mail and Messages in System Preferences
  • How to configure the CD / DVD drive in System Preferences
  • How to control the keyboard input using System Preferences
  • How to alter the display using System Preferences
  • How to configure the mouse and/or trackpad
  • Printers and scanners in System Preferences
  • Controlling Sound in System Preferences
  • Using the Ink preferences
  • Configure network settings in System Preferences

Page 3: iCloud, Internet Accounts, Extensions, Bluetooth and sharing, Network Settings, Touch ID, Users and Groups, Parental Controls, Dictation and Speech, Date and Time, Disk Utility, Time Machine, Accessibility

  • Configuring iCloud on the Mac
  • Setting up Internet accounts in macOS Sierra
  • Extensions in macOS Sierra
  • Bluetooth settings in macOS Sierra
  • Sharing in macOS Sierra
  • Network settings in macOS Sierra
  • Setting up Touch…

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