How To Get Your Kids To Eat

Some kids are picky eaters.  Unless it’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese, a dinner role, or plain cheese pizza, these kids can cry, whine, throw fits, or just simply refuse to eat the food on their plates.  After a long day at work or taking care of children, the last thing a parent wants to do is to force their child to eat food that is good for them; not to mention the irritation a parent feels when a child refuses to eat the food that the parent spent time and energy to prepare.


So how can a parent get their kids to eat without forceful or bribing them?  When it comes to food issues a parent should consider a few things first.  Is the child refusing to eat because of a hyper sensitivity to the food or is it just because the child doesn’t like (or thinks he won’t like) the food?


Some kids have sensory issues where certain textures, tastes, smells, or colors in foods are overwhelming to them and their bodies react in fear to the food.  These types of physical reactions are more common in children with autism but not very common in most children.  However, it is something a parent should be aware of and look out for if their children have strong negative reactions to certain foods.


Another thing to consider is a parent’s own values and beliefs around food.  Since food is life sustaining, most people have some sort of emotional connection with food.  Many people whose parents grew up in the depression would teach their kids to not waste anything and to finish…

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