How to Get Your Customized Business Card Right: Some Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

A business card is an important and valuable marketing tool for any business, organization or individual involved in direct discussions and contact with customers, prospects and investors. That’s why it becomes all the more imperative to design your customized business card with a little more care and expertise. While many might think it best to fill the card with as much detail as possible, others might fancy a well-spaced out card. While there are no defined rights or wrongs because a card that works for one company or profession need not necessarily work for another, there definitely are some common mistakes that every card must stay away from.

Tiny Unreadable Print – Having images and graphics on customized business cards is definitely a good idea but covering the card with large images such that it leaves no space for text is not such a good idea though. The primary function of a business card is that it must provide the relevant contact details and cards with tiny, unreadable and hazy prints fail to serve this important purpose. Customized business cards with tiny unreadable print that force people to strain their eyes to read have more chances of landing in the bin because when you cannot make out the contact details what use will the card be to you? So, make sure that your name, company’s name, contact details and address are easy to read and don’t require a magnifying glass to decipher.

 Not Having All Relevant Contact Details – Never hold back from giving your company’s address even if you’re working from home or still haven’t set up a fully functioning office. Not giving the physical address of your business or organization can leave the unfavorable impression of your business or organisation as not being reputable enough or still not well-established. Always provide all relevant contact details like mobile, landline and fax numbers, email ID, website address and company address etc, even if it means putting some extra effort to create it first because if people cannot reach you, they cannot give you business either.

Blank Back Side – The back of your customized business card is a key marketing tool, something that very few cards optimize to the fullest. You can print additional information about your company’s profile, a nice picture of you or your office, describe your specialized job role and how you will be able to make the lives of customers easy or just an attractive marketing campaign – anything to win the customers’ attention with.

Very Glossy Texture – While business cards should be nice to touch, they shouldn’t be overtly glossy and slick as it makes it difficult to write any additional information on them if you want to.

No Creative Tagline – The customized business card must have something more than just the contact information, designation, job profile and company logo. It should have something more memorable like a creative tagline to be able to leave a memorable impression on the receiver. The…

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