How Franchise Consultants Can Boost Profits By Partnering with Franchise Software

The term “franchise consultant” generates over 4.2 million hits on Google. There is no doubt that the world of franchise consultants is extremely competitive.

So how to differentiate and stay relevant with your clients?

To remain appealing, a franchise consultant must stay on the absolute edge, and provide state of the art services and solutions.

I am still surprised, how many franchise consultants still do not offer franchise software solutions in their service portfolio, or have entered partnerships with franchise software developers.

Franchise software is a must for any franchise chain looking to be competitive, and provide relevant information to its staff across the store network.

Over the past 12 years, we at Chainformation have been developing franchise software which is being used by some of Scandinavia’s demanding players in the franchise segment, including Wayne’s Coffee, O’Learys, and Icebar by Icehotel.Each month we handle over half a million log-ins with over 2,500 locations served.

Equipping these clients with our cloud based franchise software, also known as CCM, we have seen them become more effective, more streamlined and more compliant in terms of operations and brand. In fact – we have helped some of our clients go from one-store operations, to international, multi-unit operations with double digit growth.

So – are your clients growing the same way?

So what’s in it for a franchise consultant?

By partnering with a developer of franchise software,…

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