How ‘Clash Of Clans’ Became A Social Empire For Your Phone

Anyone who owns a smartphone has likely been consumed by a mobile game, and for 136 million global monthly users, that source of addiction is Supercell’s Clash Of Clans. In its five years on the mobile market, this simple strategy game has established an empire for its creators.

Since its debut, Clash has been characterized by its viral popularity and community creativity. When the Kansas City Royals took home the MLB championship in 2015, the whole team had to pause its addiction to the game just to get the job done. In the Hollywood writers room of The Simpsons, love for characters like the Hog Rider and Barbarian spawned an organically created animation series called Clash-A-Rama that’s since been viewed by over 300 million fans. Even if you’ve never played Clash Of Clans before, you might’ve been one of the 164 million people to watch its hilarious Super Bowl ads featuring Liam Neeson.   

Out of the billions of apps on Google Play and the App Store, why is it Clash Of Clans has accomplished what almost no other mobile game has? Why does it manage to stay at the top of digital popularity charts while strong competition inevitably falls?

Clash Of Clans, on Android and iOS, has captivated millions of players with its unique strategy gameplay. Supercell

“The game starts out really simple, and that’s one of the key things for players getting into Clash: that it’s simple, easy to pick up, easy to learn,” Lead Developer Tommi Suvinen told Newsweek. “But it gets deeper and deeper the further you go in the game.”

Right from the get-go, Clash Of Clans creates an air of welcomeness and accessibility in a strategy genre many gamers would classify as obtuse. It takes the complexities established by the likes of Civilization and Age Of Empires and places them in a framework that unlocks progressively the longer you play. The higher your level, the more troops available to you. The more troops you…

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