How Abortion Pills Will Terminate Pregnancy?

If you are facing the problem of unwanted pregnancy and you are willing to terminate it in the 12 weeks of gestation then you have two ways to consider. The first way is surgical abortion and the second is medical abortion. Medical abortion has got huge popularity in the last 5 years.  Women prefer this method over surgery as it’s simple, easy and economical. Its success rate has also grown constantly in the recent years. The secrecy and privacy of the treatment is maintained properly in medical abortion.

  • The first step to terminate pregnancy through medical treatment begins with a simple visit to clinic. A pregnancy test is conducted to recheck the pregnancy level. After checking and analyzing the pregnancy report, a simple blood test is conducted to check for anemia. A pelvic or abdominal sonogram is also performed to check the time period of pregnancy.

  • The next step comes with through the health educator. He will inform all the risks and benefits of the treatment and will decrease your anxiety level. He will check that if you are willing to take pregnancy or not and will take all the other details from your side. 

  • Later, the health educator will take you to the doctor for further treatment. The expert doctor will analyze your complete report and will ask you to sign a consent form. He will not begin the treatment before taking a written consent from your side. He will give you a RU-486 pill to initiate the treatment. This pill will weaken the attachment of pregnancy with the uterus through softening and opening of the cervix. This drug will expel 50% of fetal tissues within 48 hours. Later, he will give the second drug which is cytotec. This drug will cramp the uterus and will expel the pregnancy completely within 96 hours.

  • After taking both the tablets, the doctor will give some follow up instruction for care and easy recovery from the pain. Follow all the instructions carefully as uterine contractions will start…

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