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Hotel buffets can often be the best bit of the holiday, with unlimited varieties of food on offer three times a day.

It can also save money when booking an all-inclusive holiday, as well as remove the stress of organising cooked meals and restaurants.

However, a new report has found that hotel buffets could soon shrink in a bid to reduce food waste.

It isn’t good news for people who get there a bit late.

Lawrence Eells, executive chef at Hyatt Regency Orland in Florida, found a team of researchers to look into reducing food waste, after finding that just half of the food that was put out was eaten.

Even worse, just 15 per cent of it could be given away or donated to food banks due to health and safety.

The report by New York Times also found that the US alone created 63 million tonnes of food waste every year.

With this costing over $218 billion, it is a shocking waste of money.

However whilst it is a wise move to prevent so much food going to landfill, the other side of the coin raises worries regarding customer satisfaction.

Guests who turn up to a buffet only to find it has all gone may not be happy when they have already paid for it.

Pete Pearson, director of food waste at the World Wildlife Fund told the New York Times: “People don’t want to be preached to as they are going through the breakfast buffet.

“At the same time, we shouldn’t allow people to stack everything on their plates and then just toss it away.”

However, Hyatt is currently working out how to solve the problem.

They are looking to introduce changes to how the food is laid out to reduce this such as individual portions as opposed to large vats or smaller pastries and bread instead of larger ones.

With a reduction of 10 per cent so far, it is hoped to be a positive way forward.

Yet there is one part of hotel guests should always avoid the preparing food.

The kettle hides a terrifying and disgusting secret.

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