Homemade success story: Bell Hardware marks 80 years in business | Local News

Bell Hardware is not your grandfather’s hardware store, and for good reason. It’s not a hardware store at all.

The business is marking its 80th anniversary this year, in the same location, the heart of downtown Klamath Falls.

While the name may throw people off, when one walks through its doors, it becomes obvious that Bell Hardware is something unique.

“We basically provide the access to every opening in a building,” said owner John Bell, 55, who joined the business with his father, Rod, in 1993.

The business manufactures custom steel door and frames from everything as simple as a warehouse door, to something as complex as hospital doors and building entrances.

“That includes the security level, too,” said Bell. “For example, we’re watching how schools are handling the changes in their security, and how we play a role in that entry.” It includes hardware for alarms and electronic entry keys, but also designs for a physical barrier.

“It could be one of the fastest growing areas in our business,” Bell said.

The firm is involved in what Bell calls, “A Total Opening Solution.” It is to supply and or manufacture all the components needed for an opening to work correctly including doors, frames, hardware and electronics.

“Our number one expansion point will be the electronic access to buildings. We play a role in supplying the hardware, electrified locks, card readers, and everything along that line,” he said.

Bell Hardware has been a major player in the construction of buildings in Klamath Falls. It created all the access and entry points for Sky Lakes Medical Center, as well as the new Henley grade school, the new construction at Klamath Community College, the renovation of Klamath High School, Kingsley Field, as well as the Herald and News

And its reach is far beyond the Klamath…

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