Hit the trails! The top 10 hiking destinations within an hour of Salem |

Salem is not only Missouri’s gateway to the Ozarks’ scenic riverways but is also the perfect jumping off point for those looking to enjoy the state’s best wildness trails. Whether an afternoon, day or weekend trip hikers will find 10 incredible opportunities for local natural adventures.


The Devil’s Well Trail takes hikers from the depths North America’s largest underground lake to the heights overlooking the Current River. Along the way, the trek goes through caves, glades and hollows of oak, pine and cedar forests.

1. The Devil’s Well –The Devil’s Well trail is located off of Highway KK in Shannon County and exists on land owned by Pioneer Forest and the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. This 4.6-mile loop tops the list as if offers the most diverse sights and settings of any other trail in the area. The moderately difficult trek starts by the Devil’s Well and includes a descending spiral staircase from which the one can look down to the largest underground lake in North America. From there hikers climb hills and hollows through stands of oaks, pines and cedar trees. You can also expect to traverse through glades, along rocky ridges and to the top of one of the best overlooks of the Current River. The trail network further includes a breathtaking spur down to Cave Spring which is flanked by towering sycamores and giant boulders from long collapsed bluff faces. The hike offers the best bang for your buck in terms of time investment, but the site is isolated from facilities or stores – so prepare what you’ll need in advance.


After the recent development of several hiking trails, Current River State Park has emerged as one of the premier destinations for those looking for an outdoor adventure.

2. Current River State Park – Pack a lunch as Current River State Park offers one of the densest concentrations of short and long hike trails in the region. A total of three moderately difficult trails are located within the park including the 2.6-mile Ninebark, the four-mile Jones Hollow and 1.4-mile Centennial Bluff trails. The 5.25-mile Current River Trail also…

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