Her Story” Is An Uplifting Work Of Meaning And Purpose In The Midst Of Lies And Deceit

Debut author Tisha Bryson, an avid reader, philanthropist, and positive thinker, has completed her new book “Detroit Life: Her Story”: a meaningful work of the journey from lies, manipulation, and deception to optimism and purpose.

Born and raised on the East Side of Detroit, her family struggled to make ends meet for much of her young life, forcing her to learn to survive in an environment of poverty and crime. Her life provides the inspiration for “Detroit Life: Her Story”.

Now calling Phoenix, Arizona home, Tisha belongs to the group Black Women That Rock, a non-profit organization that provides charitable services throughout her area. Realizing the power of positive thinking, Tisha avidly practices meditation for mental and spiritual growth.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Tisha Bryson’s poignant tale follows Trinity as she maneuvers the murky waters of her life, her relationship, and the deadly streets of the East Side of Detroit.

Trinity begins to notice how the drugs, lies and manipulations are changing how she views her relationship with Echo. A neighbor points out a foul smell apparently coming from underneath Echo’s car, a smell that Echo denies when it is brought up. But even after find nothing suspicious, Trinity can’t help but wonder why Echo moved his car immediately after the exchange.

A reverent work laden with tragedy and unexpected twists, author Tisha Bryon’s debut work is a touching treatise on the mindset needed to navigate such a life with poise, calm, and optimism, truly believing that all paths lead to one’s destiny.

Readers who wish to experience this dignifying work can purchase “Detroit Life: Her Story” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Kobo, Google Play or…

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