Hazing reports, alcohol poisoning plague Lehigh University frats

The tradition of students pledging for fraternities appears to have spiraled out of control at several frat houses on Lehigh University’s campus in Bethlehem

Four Lehigh University Greek organizations have been named in alleged conduct violations including hazing, lying to administrators and, in one case, allowing a partygoer to become so drunk that he needed to be hospitalized for severe alcohol poisoning.

The latest fraternity accused of conduct violations is Delta Upsilon. On Thursday, the university issued a statement on its Lehigh Greek Community blog that Delta Upsilon has been charged with hazing, giving false statements to Lehigh officials and improperly using the university’s computer network.

The circumstances behind the charges are not being made public but the statement refers to a Feb. 11 incident involving the fraternity.

A Lehigh University spokeswoman declined to comment on the Delta Upsilon charges and other recent issues at fraternities on campus. She cited “confidentiality and privacy reasons.”

A spokeswoman at the Delta Upsilon national headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, did not immediately respond to a media inquiry about the matter.

The announcement of the charges comes just two days after Provost Patrick V. Farrell and Interim Vice Provost Ian Birky co-signed a letter to the Lehigh student body acknowledging recent reports of hazing and seeking to clarify what they called inaccurate accounts of the university unfairly targeting…

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