Harlow shopping mall evacuated – Police rush to Harvey Centre | UK | News

The Harvey Centre, one of the largest shopping areas in Harlow, was evacuated at around 10am this morning.

Essex Police raced to the scene and were spotted directing customers out of the mall as fire alarms sounded throughout the centre.

Unconfirmed reports suggest officers were called following suggestions of a bomb scare after a suspicious package was discovered in Primark.

An anonymous eyewitness told Essex Live: “I believe that there’s been a fire alarm set off and everyone has been evacuated.

“I can see that there are police standing outside of Primark, but I am unsure about the other entrances.

“I can see a few [police officers], and everyone just seems quite confused really.

“It looks like people are being allowed to go back through into the Harvey Centre now.”

Some people took to social media to find out what was happening after they were escorted out the building.

One Twitter user said: “Yooo the Harvey centre Harlow has been evacuated because of a bomb scare in primark !!! Maudddd.”

Another tweeted: “There’s a bomb scare in the harvey centre and I still have to go to work :/“

Officers attended and determined it was not a suspicious device and there is no risk to the public.

The incident has now been stood down, and customers are being allowed back into the shopping centre.

Essex Police tweeted: “We were called today to reports of a suspect package at Harvey Centre, #Harlow. We attended. Not suspicious and no risk to the public.”

The rampage comes a day after a terror attack in north London after a white van was driven at Muslims breaking their Ramadan fast as they left prayers at a mosque in Finsbury Park on Sunday night.

This is the latest in a series of terrorist attacks on the UK, including two involving vehicles which mounted Westminster and London Bridge in London and anoter attack at an Arian Grande concert in Manchester.

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