“Hanshi” Charles June brings martial arts to Greenville

As “Hanshi” Charles June reflected on his extensive career in martial arts, he said his 10th degree black belt, the highest honor one can achieve, paled in comparison to the pride he gained from his work within the community.

With over 50 years of training and 35 years of teaching, karate has long been an integral part of June’s life and now he shares his experience with Greenville Police Department and Greenville Fire/Rescue.

“It has given me order and structure,” said June. “And I’ve met a lot of people. I have the children of people I used to teach, so I am getting to teach generation after generation.”

June has combined elements he has learned from China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines to give his students a well-rounded experience. His classes include children and adults ranging from beginner to advanced.

These students also include members of the GPD and the GFR, who June welcomed to class free of charge.

“There is no charge for police and…

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