Hall of Fame Coach Steve Spurrier Headlines All-Star Cast of Top ‘Renegade’ Marketing & Small-Business Masters at ‘GROWTH HACKS LIVE’ SuperConference for Entrepreneurs

GKIC’s 2017 SuperConference

SuperConference is where we meet and commune with fellow entrepreneurs to share the wisdom of some of the top minds in the world. This year, is incredible! What a lineup! A.J. Mirabedini, CEO

GKIC, providers of “magnetic marketing-style” business breakthroughs to small-business owners around the world, announces the sensational kickoff of the annual SuperConference, April 6-8, featuring an electric opening keynote from Hall-of-Fame Coach Steve Spurrier. Themed “GROWTH HACKS LIVE!” the unique three-day event is filled with the newest and most effective strategies to grow every small-business in any field or industry. Full program details and registration are at http://www.gkic.com/sc.

Spurrier is college football’s most colorful, endearing, and successful pioneer. He won the Heisman Trophy as a college football player and led the Florida Gators to six SEC championships and a National Championship. He also coached in the pros and elevated the South Carolina football program to new heights.

And he embodies what GKIC is all about – Spurrier was a renegade who didn’t want to sound like other coaches, dress like other coaches, and, especially coach like other coaches.

He was a controversial football trail-blazer who ushered in a different style of leadership and play, and on Thursday, April 6, he’ll be sharing the “outside-the-lines” traits that allowed him to “do it his way” and still have one of sports history’s all-time great careers.

Small-business owners and entrepreneurs are invited to attend and hear meaningful lessons that easily transfer to life and business – in other words, chucking “the mainstream” of their industries and creating a successful business…

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