GSW Recaps Telnet Server for Windows 2017 Year and Looks to 2018

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In the 1st Quarter of 2018 there will be a major announcement with respect to the strengthened security with the GSW SSH products. We’ve also been working on a new product launch for Andriod devices that everyone will see shortly

Georgia SoftWorks reviews the past year developing the GSW Telnet Server for Windows, SSH Server for Windows and other products. They also discuss plans for the 2018 year.

“2017 has been an exciting year at Georgia SoftWorks,” said Steve Lindsey of Georgia SoftWorks. “We started the year celebrating GSW’s 25th Year Anniversary, made updates to our GSW Telnet Server and SSH Server for Windows, and had several reseller and product milestones.”

Georgia SoftWorks launched their GSW UTS (Universal Terminal Server, the GSW Telnet Server and SSH Server for Windows) Version 8.08.0002 in February of 2017, which added Windows Server 2016 support and an SSH Shield feature for logging support. The GS_GET and GS_PUT are now supported in the Windows “Long Name Files” documentation in Version 8.08.0003, released in May 2017.

“This past year marked 10 Years since launching the DTIO Engine, a product that boosts the performance and increases the session count of the Telnet and SSH Server, and 10 Years since launching Team Services, a breakthrough collaboration feature for the GSW UTS,” said Lindsey.

Georgia SoftWorks noted significant reseller milestones in 2017. BSD Solutions, IMEC Technologies and SYSSOFT LLC celebrated 5 Year Anniversaries. Mega Sonic Co and SoftLine Company celebrated 10 Year Anniversaries, and Hiresoft Solutions (formerly Aspxx Ltd), LE Consult, MI9 Software Development, Lake Country Systems, and HighJump Software all reached…

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