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Aug. 8, 2017

To the editor:

President Trump met with autocrat President Putin behind closed doors recently. It took his daughter, Ivanka, to go in and inform her father that the half-hour “greet and meet” had run over two hours.

Knowing what we do of both men, there is no doubt the wily ex-KGB agent spent the time massaging P.T.’s massive ego. The tryst could have been over in the alloted half-hour. However, Trump did not want to interrupt Putin bestowing praises and admiration upon him and his business empire.

Of course, our clueless “Emperor with no clothes” was easily mesmerized and strategically manipulated by Russia’s top “bad actor.” Putin built up and fortified Trump’s collapsing “house of cards” image with a “deck of jokers.”

The vertigo-inducing spin spiel required for maximum effect would have made sane people vomit. President Trump obviously got a thrilling head-rush and seemingly believed that the overly over-exaggerated accolades were actually truisms. 

Then, too, there was only Putin, his translator and Trump by himself at a second engagement later the same day for an hour. The befuddled “Emperor” thought it had lasted only 15 minutes.

Remember, he had already been bewitched by the ex-KGB officer earlier in the day at the first meeting. Trump says “Investigation into collusion with Russia is a witch hunt.” (Says the Russian patsy.)

Perhaps Putin reminded Trump that Russian banks backed him financially, often during years American banks refused continued support. Or, reminisced on Palm Springs real estate money laundering days.

Perhaps the autocrat promised debt forgiveness and beaucoup Russian business opportunities. All our pompous “Emperor” has to do is downplay Russian interference in U.S. elections and promise no retribution for the “fake news.”


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