‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13 finale,‘Scandal’ season 6 finale

Tonight’s TGIT included Grey’s Anatomy season 13 finale and Scandal season 6 finale. Here’s our roundup of what happened!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13 finale – Sonya Field

The fire overrides the lockdown and so Jackson heads out to look for Stephanie. It seems Stephanie somehow survived the explosion, and the little girl Erin is trapped under some stuff. Once Stephanie gets a good look at Erin, she realizes that the girl is severely bleeding from an injury to the leg. Stephanie has to rush to try and free her before the fire kills them.

Stephanie is able to get them out of the room with the explosion but out in the stairway the fire has spread. So they head up only to find that the door to the roof is locked. Just when it looks like Stephanie is ready to give up, she goes back down to get her badge and unlock the door. But then Erin passes out from blood loss and it takes the firefighters and Ben a while to find them. When Bailey and Weber operate on Erin’s leg, Stephanie holds her hand.

Bailey gets really upset when she finds out that Eliza forgot to tell the officers to look for Stephanie. She got so caught up in protocol and helping patients that it slipped her mind. Deciding that she doesn’t want to train doctors obsessed with protocol and without feeling, Bailey fires Eliza.

As Stephanie gets her burns treated, she decides to tell Weber that she wants to travel and see the world outside of the hospital. Her whole life has been spent inside of hospitals and now she wants more. So Stephanie quits the program. I have to say that this is probably the best send off Grey’s Anatomy has done, and I’m glad they didn’t just kill her off.

Meredith is still looking for Riggs to drop the big news that his former fiancé/Owen’s sister Megan is still alive. When things start calming down,…

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