Greg Mort Artist of Our Universe by Professor Francesco Bertola

Greg Mort Artist of Our Universe by Francesco Bertola Professor of Astrophysics The University of Padua


The concept of the macrocosm is that of embracing the universe in its vastness and grandeur. The converse and mirrored opposite of this is the microcosm, our dealings with man in the realm of his own world. This counterpoint has been developed since antiquity as a philosophical idea and as a mythological vision, shaping the evolution of both art and science through the ages. The human fascination with this duality remained lively from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance, and it continues to capture our focus today. These worlds of the micro and the macro are the main subjects of the art work of Greg Mort. Some of his paintings show their intersection, a subtle interplay between the vast and minute. Other pieces are dominated by a singular majestic scene that overwhelms everything else.


In many works Mort focuses the viewer’s attention on seemingly commonplace objects that upon further contemplation reveal a much deeper meaning. Works transmitting the sense of the immensity of the universe are exemplified by “Streams of Stars” where the Milky Way is shown in all its dazzling brightness like a deep sea lapping on a beach strewn with shells. In the symbology of Greg Mort, such shells testify to the presence of life. The Milky Way is a link between the earth and the sky. In the painting “A Million Nights” the deepness of the celestial vault and the vast sweep…

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